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What is Money?

Money is: An Item desired by Most people.

What causes Monetary instability?  A sudden change in the valuing of the money by most people.

Money can have direct value, and it can have fiat value.

The US Dollar has No direct value.

The US Dollar has a very high fiat value, because of manipulation by the federal reserve.

2006 Steel prices went up dramatically, because of the 3 gorges dam in China coming online (the 3 gorges dam gave China the largest steel reprocessing facility in the world).  This demand for steel caused a following increase in other commodities, and specifically gold.

2007 High Gold price, Oil producers start asking for pay in Gold, and oil price goes through the roof.

2008 High fuel costs caused people living on the edge to lose houses, government claims it was do to bad mortgages, rather than admit it was do to the dollar's loss of value.

If the Dollar had high direct value this would not have happened.

The government account is, 2008 was bad banking, SO: make more rules, provide more money.

Stock Market goes up due to inflation,

Government and the Federal reserve, claim they saved US.  I call B.S. (Bad Story)

Manipulation helps the fully fiat moneys of the world continue.

If We eliminated manipulation, and have direct value, We would have stability.

The #1 and often overlooked advantage to gold, as the leading item for direct value:

The actual amount of gold in circulation, even with extremes from mining/industrial use, has fluctuated LESS THAN 1% PER YEAR, over all of man's history.

Do I suggest we eliminate the Fed, and go to the gold standard?

Not immediately, as this would hasten the final collapse of the US Dollar, and extreme loss to Alaskans. 

The Federal reserve will end on it's own when the US Dollar collapses.

A currency backed by gold, silver, copper, and strategic metal would be a great, but would be impossible to get the united states to do at this time.

Best We can do for now is to lessen, the burden the federal government places on Alaskans, so We have a better chance to store wealth before the collapse.


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