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We are buffeted by many ills from government.  Foremost in my mind is taxation.  The government; Federal, State, borough, city, all are thieves.  Even when the spending comes from a vote of the people it is stealing, the only difference is those that voted for spending are now also guilty.  How do we fund government without theft?  It may sound as a joke, until you spend a few weeks thinking about it, but the funding Must come from individuals voluntarily giving.  This is the only way government will ever be responsive to the people.  If government is not voluntary, it is a dictatorship. I will do all I can to end taxes.

The declaration of independence, was the revelation by government of Citizen's Right to freedom  
This was declared, only after A revolt because of taxes.
The bill of rights is the government's contract to refrain from taking Your freedom.  

We Alaskans need to reclaim our freedom.
Yet how can We reclaim that which has never been afforded us?

Many years ago, the common thought was that Alaska was being held as a store-house.  I have grown however to realize, that the truth is the taxing, the locked-up land, the denied rs2477 trails, the Puppet state Government, and many other abuses, are not for holding resources, but rather to keep the independent, and strong Alaskan people, from becoming independent, and free individuals.


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